Monday, October 7, 2013

saturday in the city

weekend wear: gap tee + madewell denim + kate spade striped crossbody

it's pretty shameful i've lived in the city for 5+ years and had yet to actually visit delores park (i swear i've driven by 1,000 times and thought about it... that counts right?...). a total sin against this great city we live in, i'll admit i haven't explored the mission area as much as i would like; living in the marina bubble can make one have the tendency to, well, stay in the bubble.  the roomie and i decided to make amends and trek across the city last saturday; it was a great way to celebrate the glorious indian summer heat and finally experience great eats/sites, not to mention try out my new kicks! 

spike cuff + mk watch + initial ring
ray-bans + a simple maya brenner initial chain 

live window installment at marc by marc jacobs on fillmore st.
street art passing through the haight
a stop in at tartine for lunch... had to start of with a pasty and grab some peach + currant brioche pudding to-go
my favorite, the warm and sugary 'morning bun'... it definitely lived up to the hype
little gem salad with lemon shallot vinaigrette 
spicy turkey, provolone + brocoli rabe pesto sandwich
ham & tomato croque monseur + spicy pickled carrot
every bite better than the last
my new nike flyknits... i was a huge fan of the nike free's, but when i took a chance on  recommendation, i couldn't take them off... they honestly resemble more of a hug for your foot than a running shoe- they were just the kick i needed to get me through our walking tour

it was worth the walk. :)


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  1. Your new kicks are adorable!! I also get stuck in the bubble and need to venture to the mission more, your route looked pretty awesome!!


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