Tuesday, October 1, 2013

gone is the age when october meant counting down the days until halloween trick-or-treating, sufficing my urge to dress up  and binge on candy by repeatedly watching hocus pocus on disney (wait, maybe i still do that??)... for me, october has definitely evolved into a month where i look forward to indian summer to finally bring sunshine upon our foggy city, celebrating another year of birth (on the 30th, woo woo), FLEET WEEK, costume planning for halloween weekend, and decking the apt in said holiday decorations... maybe this year i can go further than a half eaten bowl of candy corn and a laminated black cat on the door?  better not get ahead of myself, but i am excited to post some fun d.i.y.'s and recipes (i've totally been slacking on these!) i've been thinking out. 

looking forward to another great month!

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  1. I am so looking forward to the Indian summer here too!! Oh, and I secretly still watch Hocus Pocus too!! :) Yay for October!


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