Wednesday, June 26, 2013

picnic in the presidio

the amazing del popolo pizza truck!

it's no suprise i love off the grid (see here) with it's gourmet food truck amazingess, so picnic at the presidio was an easy add to my list of food ventures i needed to try out in the city.  every sunday from 11am to 4pm, local restaurants and food trucks surround the main post lawn in the presidio, leaving tons of space to lay out, set up games, eat local foods, shop locally sourced produce and baked goods and imbibe on cocktails (including a make your own bloody mary or mimosa bar toted around in an old fashioned flyer wagon!). with sisters, baby niece, boxed wine and a stockpile of blankets in tow, we headed over to set up at the main post lawn to dine a la food truck all afternoon. 

in true san francisco fashion, the weather was foggy (read borderline raining) with a chill in the air, and people came out in droves to lay out on picnic blankets drinking boxed wine and sampling the different gourmet selections of various food trucks and tents.  see what we tried out below!

sister + niece waiting in a parallel food line... strategy, people!

serious pizza tossing going on in this truck
we may have spent half the afternoon in line at the del popolo truck, but this beauty was worth it
thinly sliced potato + prosciutto + rosemary olive oil
basil + lemon + ricotta
gorditos + nachos from nopalito!
slow roasted pulled pork, bacon aioli slaw on a toasted egg bun... heaven.
scallop and pork belly topped with papaya slaw on an acme bun from the whole beast (and my kate spade striped alessa bag!)
keeping it classy with boxed wine + solo cups

the pizza was a close favorite, but the highlight of my food binge this weekend? considering my love of donuts, it's no surprise it was these lemon ricotta balls of deliciousness from streatery, and especially because a) sweets will always top my list, b) the lemon and ricotta were the perfect blend for a fresh and indulgent treat, c) it's a DONUT.

chunks of lemon zest, coated in powdered sugar and hot and fresh from the fryer.... AMAZING.
shades, ray-ban, necklace, jcrew (similar here)


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