Friday, April 19, 2013

friday favorites

    off the grid is back and better than ever!  if you've never been before you need to experience the amazingness that is OTG.  while these food truck otg phenoms are located all over the city on various days of the week (see calendar here), i'm partial to the fort mason location, mainly because its a convenient 5 minute walk from my place, but also for the awesome space along the marina that includes tons of open seating, strung up lights and live music.  i threw on these sneaker heels i'm giving a try (super comfortable, but i'm still unsure if that trend really fits in my closet..), jeans and a leather jacket- warm and casual and perfect for a night at OTG. 

at fort mason, these gourmet food trucks allow you to experience, at a minimum, 20 different cuisines within a 30-yard radius; some unique favorites include sliders from koja kitchen with korean beef placed between two rice patties that serve as buns, a burrito from curry up now that offers choices like saag and tikka masala as fillings, and unique cocktails from the alembic that offer the same awesome drinks they serve in their haight location. if you're looking to go even further out of your culinary comfort zone you can try fried frog legs or grub tacos (literally grub as in worms and larvae...). while i've yet to be so bold and try those, check out some of my other favorites from the night below!

first truck i spot would obviously be dessert related.  flavors like smores, cinnamon churro and salted caramel make cupkates a stand out spot in the cupcake craze

the magnolia beer tent was equipped with stand up bar sides for you to drink and grub! (awesome for later in the night when people start hoarding chair circles)

mmmm magnolia wheat beer!
new to OTG, a cocktail lounge with stand up tables and space heaters... so key for the inevitably cold and windy sf nights
i've been craving these kamikaze fries from koja kitchen since OTG closed last season.. just about any food is in for a successful combo if it includes sriracha, but these criss cut fries are topped with korean beef, kimchi, spicy aioli and green onions to boot!
fried chicken and waffle sandwich topped with coleslaw and again, SRIRACHA from the whole beast... they had me at waffle.
lamb burger from fins on the hoof! feta, spicy mayo, arugula and red onion + fig relish... this one was hard to share...  
taking a much needed breather after the copious amounts of rich food
build your own creme brulee's at the creme brulee cart! yes. please.

vanilla bean with crumbled cookie, toffee + sea salt caramel / / chocolate with toasted marshmallows, toffee and sea salt

eagerly awaiting my dessert as they freshly build and toast the caramel-y goodness in the cbc tent!
remnants of a beautiful sunset still lingering on the walk home :)


  1. I am soo hungry now, can we go tonight?

    1. it's one of my favorite things to do in the city! i'm definitely down to go again tonight :)

  2. Anyone remember Reebok Pumps? Awesome.


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