Thursday, June 13, 2013

easy turkey stuffed peppers

if there is anything you can take away from the majority of recipes featured on t+t, i love to eat healthy and i need to keep it simple.  the last thing i want to do after staring at a computer screen for 8 hours is cook an elaborate meal.  Not only are they ridiculously easy to make, they are chock full of nutrients; between the kale inside and bell pepper shell these peppers pack a ton of vitamins a and c while the turkey, black beans and quinoa will give you a plate full of protein.

1. gather and prep the ingredients listed above 

2. cook the turkey until lightly browned on the outside and remove from heat (remember, you're safe! it will continue to cook in the oven); i added dried chili flakes, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste

make the quinoa per the directions on the package, i love trader joes tricolor quinoa, but any quinoa will do! i generally always have cooked quinoa ready to go in my fridge- not only do i use it in a ton of recipes, but it's the best for you and easiest thing to grab if i need a quick lunch working from home!

3. mix beans, onions, kale, quinoa and half of the goat cheese into the turkey mixture (i used goat cheese because i tend to need less of it in recipes because the flavors are so strong; cheddar or jack cheese are other great options to swap in for different flavors)

finely chopped kale + diced red onion

4. cut out the top stem and hollow out the bell peppers  

5. stuff peppers with turkey mixture and top with remaining goat cheese.

total oven time: 25 mins
6. cook the peppers on a foil lined baking sheet at 350 for 20 mins; broil for remaining 5 mins.

the goat cheese will have a nice golden color when the peppers are done

7. let the peppers cool on the pan for several minutes, then slice and serve!

easy, delicious and ready from start to finish in under 40 minutes! enjoy!

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