Friday, April 12, 2013

friday faves

these yellow daffodils + mint nails
can't get over how gorgeous they are!
friday morning ritual, post-spin la boulange almond croissant (gotta make room right??). THE BEST.

 spring also means that baseball season is back! i always love going to giants games, but the energy in the crowd at att park for opening weekend is close to the excitement that comes with playoff season. we had to fuel up for a long day of cheering; decked out in orange and black,        we started our morning off at 25 lusk for drinks and a fabulous brunch with a great crew.

cucumber cocktail + french press coffee 
lobster benedict topped with arugula and crispy prosciutto... noms.
fluffy blueberry + ginger pancakes and a side of crispy bacon
giants championship replica ring! (+ mint mani)
crab roll + rosemary shoestring fries

random 80 degree days in the city calls for dining and drinking outside!  nettie's on union was the perfect spot for the roomie and i to post up for sunshine and a big meal before a great weekend ahead. with the majority of the marina at a little festival called #coachella... i'm excited to take advantage of an empty city! i planned for the weekend by making absolutely no plans, and i'm sticking to it.. excited to see what the next few days have in store!

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