Wednesday, March 6, 2013

chocolate chip pudding cake

when i think of bundt cake i picture the famously awkward parents first-meet scene from my big fat greek wedding.. only in my vision it's me trying to foist my delicious donut like cake on friends with these skeptical looks all over their faces ('it's a butt cake!'...), but this recipe, this recipe is gold

i grew up making this cake with my mom for countless birthdays, dinner partys, thank yous, you name it....  i recently rediscovered the recipe tucked away in an old card holder, covered in chocolate and laminated to prevent further damage (and to preserve it's vintage awesomeness).. i figured this week was a better time then ever to revive one of my favorites; this week we'll be celebrating another year older for a very important person. this cake is so easy to make (not to mention seared in my memory after consuming so many), i didn't even need the recipe card, plus it's always a crowd pleaser- loaded with chocolate and a moist gooey inside.  an extra plus? you can sub any cake mix + pudding combo to create all kinds of delicious recipes! happy baking!

with a large spoon or spatula, mix oil, water, sour cream and eggs until well blended; add chocolate chips and stir.
ooey gooey and filled with a mouth-watering amount of chocolate chips! make sure you use cook n' serve pudding mix to keep this consistency (instant will dry it out.. yuck!)
spread batter evenly in greased bundt pan and bake at 350 for 45 minutes
after removing, sprinkle a generous helping of powdered sugar on top!  make sure to thoroughly spray the pan and let the cake fully cool before removing to preserve the bundt shape (and to prevent your beautiful powdered sugar topping from melting into the cake).  
chocolate bundt + colorful, sliced strawberry garnish
achieving this bundt with other favorite flavors? here's a few to chew on...
*white cake mix + banana pudding mix + white chocolate chips*
*yellow cake mix + chocolate pudding mix + milk chocolate chips*
*chocolate cake mix + caramel pudding + butterscotch chips*
*white cake mix + pineapple pudding + shredded coconut*

a special birthday slice for the roomie :)
the most adorable birthday boy... another year older today and still as precious now as he is in this pic

happy birthday tony!!

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