Friday, January 18, 2013

friday favorites

home again for the weekend and very excited to be back in beautiful pv for three big reasons: the awesome weather (cool 80 in january... nbd), to have all three sisters staying under one roof (it's been years!), and to celebrate the glowing mother-to-be and the arrival of our newest family addition!  leaving you for the weekend with a few of my favorite shots and discoveries from around the house since i've been back.

this sneaker purse... my original crossbody bag!
this cozy hamster banner- a welcome home surprise made by my sisters that still hangs on the vanity in my room
this headshot of my mother in her first uniform for united in 1969
these impatients- the day i was initiated into pi phi, my mother took a vine from the impatient plant outside of the sorority house; 8 years later they still thrive in the front yard of our house
the gorgeous sunset view from our kitchen... i'll never get tired of this view!
i can't wait to share pictures of the shower prep and party!  have a fabulous weekend!

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