Friday, November 23, 2012

thanks + giving

there are many things i am thankful for this holiday season, but at the top of the list are the amazing family and friends in my life.  i feel very lucky that i was able to spend another thanksgiving with some of the people i love most, happy and healthy, enjoying the sunny weather and amazing feast we spent all day preparing. the food and the company was nothing short of awesome and i took endless amounts of photos to prove it.  below are a few of my favorite things from the day!

this adorable table setting made from my sister's wedding linens, mini yellow pumpkins and the pinecone place card holders i created in my previous post!  

a close up of my place setting.
these delicious deviled eggs with roasted beets and chives, set out on this bold red platter. they are a fresh take on a classic with gorgeous colors to add a pop to the normal chips and dip and cheese plates we snack on before dinner. 
'which came first, the pig or the egg?'... that's how it went right?... in this case, the green egg bbq came first in flavor, but the pig-a-q came first in my heart with those big eyelashes and curlycue tail!

my sister's backyard... sometimes i forget what a rare treat it is to come across these in the city!

a close up these amazing royal purple flowers
this unexpected surprise in a tree
this shot of my beautiful sister holding a fall bouquet of sunflowers
this chalk frame displaying a mini dessert menu (similar to this one i found on etsy)... i need one of these!

i hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving! i have plans this weekend to continue hanging with the fam, exploring golden gate park and taking a trip to alcatraz for my first time ever. i'm excited to continue this relaxing weekend, avoiding any black friday madness and officially beginning the countdown to christmas!

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  1. Loved your Thanksgiving photos, thank you. Family is so important


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