Thursday, November 22, 2012

place cards + pinecones

i couldn't be more excited that thanksgiving is here and i have an extra two days to tack onto the weekend to spend time with my family, eating and relaxing (and maybe i'll squeeze a little shopping in there too....).  in honor of this turkey day and getting a significant amount of the fam together, i decided to make use of the extra time laying around to get crafty.  i came up with these d.i.y. pinecone place card holders; they were easy to make and will add a little shimmer to the dinner table. i hope you enjoy them as much as i had fun making them!

'd.i.y. pinecone place card holders'

what you'll need: pinecones (1 per place setting), letter stamps, ink pad, scissors, pack of place cards, gold nail polish; optional: border stamp, tray or plate to keep polish from surface of craft area
paint the tips of the pinecone with the gold polish moving from side-to-side to cover the full surface of the tip; i also painted up and down on each piece to get a peek of gold if you are looking down on the top of the pinecone.  
 cut the place card holder in half before stamping with border and letters; i chose these lower case letter stamps, but you can also write in the name with a colored sharpie for a similar effect. 
*tip: line up the letters for the full name before stamping, then stamp each moving from the middle to the outer letters so you can center the name more easily.
gorgeous gold tips
i love the pop of sheen that the metallic polish adds to the edges!  
after the tips dry, gently wedge the place card into the top ridges of the pinecone.
the finished product!
i can't wait to put these out at today's thanksgiving feast!  happy thanksgiving everyone!

pinecones c/o walgreens; playful letter rubber stamp set; flourish frame rubber stamp; goldrush color box inkpad; nailpolish, wet n' wild in 'grammy gold'

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