Friday, October 25, 2013

weekly roundup

the goods in the window of the johnny doughnuts truck at OTG wednesday picnic
 johnny doughnuts up close.. probably the BEST donuts i've ever had (and that's saying a lot of i you truly understand the scope of my love for donuts)
love this view, the food and the company! way overdue catch up dinner at gioia on polk... the salsiccia is a must try if you love spicy pizza... jalapeno + sausage, need i say more?? 
 post-run (i know, i know) maple bacon donut from dynamo donuts... i still can't decide if it's terrible or amazing that the donut shack is on the run path back to my apt
getting our bronco orange on before the big game
ready for the game!
sunset over big blue
the gorgeous fall leaves of the boise trees

sort of a shorter weekly roundup of my favorites considering i skipped last week and managed to fit so much in. but if there's one thing you can be sure about from my usual favorites and especially today's... i <3 donuts.  don't worry, my scope does go beyond those glazed pastries of amazingess.  

my last two weeks were spent having dinner with friends, trying new restaurants, picnicking at the new OTG: twilight at the presidio, and this past weekend i spent in boise enjoying the gorgeous fall landscape and attending my first ever (wait for it) college football game (gasp!) for the boise state homecoming! sort of embarrassing, but what are you gonna do when your college doesn't even have a team (what up ucsb, i love you)? i had a blast pretending like i was back in college (apparently 'rage-cage' has taken over flip cup cool factor... tear), tailgating, watching the homecoming festivities and enjoying the adorable college town of boise.  

this weekend i'll be celebrating my birthday with a girls night out in the city! cannot. wait. pics to come!


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