Friday, September 20, 2013


 gorgeous summer night with backyard lights @tipsypig
beautifl baroque walls of @cafeclaude
 sneak peek at quinoa salad recipes im gathering!
 press for macys glamorama featuring the summer set + cirque du soleil + sheryl crow
 a hidden pig at tipsy
 strawberry fields + chipotle margarita
 end of night confetti!
channeling paris at night at glamorama fashion show!

wiped out from a long week with friends visiting and work events, capped off by a late night at macys glamorama last night... such a fun night to be a part of- live music, dancing, fashion show and after party with all of the proceeds benefitting glide, the aids emergency fund and project openhand.  more pics of the evening to come next week! off to sonoma for a special wedding weekend... hope you all enjoy yours!


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