Thursday, August 15, 2013

celebrate 100


four years ago i pined over my favorite bloggers and entertained the idea of starting my own. two years ago it became my obsession. ten months later i am 100 posts in and loving every second of it!

thank you all for your continued support... the pins, the tweets, the post comments, facebook shoutouts, and weekend photo sessions (sorry tony!), t+t wouldn't be anywhere without it all and i couldn't be more thankful.



  1. Congrats ... your blog has really evolved. It's on original off-beat take on subjects that get a lot of ink.


    Let's see what the future holds

  2. Congratulations on 100 posts! You are super stylish... :)
    Thanks so much for visiting and your kind comment....yes, the pb cups were amazing...and super easy to make...
    I actually used Trader Joe's huge chocolate yummy...
    Have a lovely day!!
    - Irina


I read and appreciate all of your comments! xoxo