Wednesday, March 13, 2013

going green

enjoying breakfast rooftop style, catching some sun and diving into some of my favorite catalogs
it's a rare day when i'm not toting some green monster concoction to work for breakfast.  as it generally resembles some form of dark guacamole, it definitely draws some stares raised eyebrows and quite a few questions.  contrary to what one might assume, this green machine is actually delicious and one of my favorite meals to start my day out with (like literally addicted...). not only does the taste surpass any jamba/plant smoothie or store bought juice i've had, it's super fresh and full of great nutrients to pack your morning with tons of iron, fiber and protein!

the blueberries and the banana give you all the natural sweetness you need while the almond butter adds a nutty flavor and packs an extra punch of protein!
one of the top 3 most used appliances in my kitchen? this guy, the nutribullet!  it will blend anything in seconds and comes equip with lids for your on-the-go mornings
pure health! yum.

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