Friday, March 29, 2013

friday faves: my week through iphone

eating and drinking my way friday to friday...

i'm not a g free eater, but this gf lemon dynamo donut is probably one of the best donuts i've ever had (and that's saying a lot if you know my old fashioned glaze obsession)
penny talk: i recently learned from a friend a penny in the bottom of the vase will make your flowers stand up straight... it really works!

gorg tulips from sunday farmers market at fort mason
jones soda wisdom
roli roti porcetta sandwich from the ferry building farmers market... noms.
enjoying a bottle of honig with my boo
spotted on a run: the infamous marina green kite man... shout out to the "kite flirting" crew (...circa '09?? you know who you are)

finally made it to the infamous tonga room (highlights included pirates of the carribean-esque dining commons, 'rainstorms' every 30 minutes, a male pony-tail clad trio playing on a remote controlled raft); had my fingers crossed the entire time big sis wouldn't go into labor three lava flows deep
patiently awaiting the arrival of my niece
fave pic of the week, meet abigail anne orsburn :)


  1. Love all the pink! It was all in anticipation for Abigail Ann!

  2. Love all this! Welcome to the world Abigail Ann! <3

    This + That- Thanks for featuring G-Free food!! Keep it coming:)

  3. Kite flirting! That's really him! I love it :) And the precious baby of course.


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