Wednesday, February 13, 2013

v-day pancakes

this recipe is awesome for several reasons 1) it's martha stewart, 2) they are super easy, a great basic pancake you can make your own with your favorite add-ins or toppings, 3) they are delicious... and did i mention they're martha?? while these pancakes are good enough to stand alone, i added mini chocolate chips to the batter and cut up strawberries on the side for an extra sweet treat. an easy breakfast to make my roomie for a valentines surprise, plus i might have enjoyed some as well...

lightly butter pan + cookie cutter and pour batter into heart shape 
after batter starts to bubble remove cookie cutter and flip!
these fluffy hearts are stuffed with mini chocolate chips, but the add-in ideas are endless... some of my other favorites? bananas + almond butter, nutella + strawberries, cinnamon and granola, and a simple favorite, fresh blueberries!
a couple pads of butter and syrup to top it off
drooling yet??

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