Friday, February 8, 2013

mini heart beignets

i have a huge sweet tooth so i'm always looking for an excuse to buy or bake some sort of pastry or dessert... and what better reason do i need to make something than to help celebrate not one, but two holidays happening this coming week!? that's right people, valentines day and even more importantly, mardi gras!  to honor the occasion i thought beignets would be a fun treat to pass out to friends and also devour myself (someone has to taste test, right??)... 

it was meant to be! two holidays that celebrate this exact indulgence, plus beignets are a new orleans tradition and one of my favorite desserts. i found this recipe on epicurious- it stuck out to me because of it's great reviews and simple list of ingredients. i made the dough the night before and let it rise overnight so i could fry it up and enjoy with my morning coffee. 

i put the valentines day flair on them by using a heart cookie cutter to shape the dough into mini hearts before frying 
i rolled the dough on the thinner side to get a lighter, airier consistency

fresh from the pan and generously dusted with powdered sugar
i used these waxy basket liners from sur la table to pack these tasty treats to give away. what i didn't finish of them that is...
my top two breakfast essentials captured here, coffee + sweets!

...have a wonderful weekend and enjoy!


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  2. Love this!! They look delicious and I love your "L" mug!!


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