Friday, January 25, 2013

friday favorites: baby shower bests

as our lives inevitably get busier, i tend to forget how rare and special it is when we are able to take time off and get the family together- even greater when we are able to have the whole family home under one roof for the first time in years.  one of my favorite shots of the day, is the shot above of the four maunder ladies; it will be one of the last family photos we take before we welcome a new baby girl into the family to join the lineup! below are some of my favorite shots from the day, prepping for the shower and celebrating the arrival of our newest addition.
. . . . . . .
lantern assembly... shades of green and pink for a spring color scheme
cupcake prep
first round of chocolate owls!  piped devils food frosting, m&m + oreos for the eyes and a peanut beak!
     baggu party favors + a classic mom & mom-to-be pic                  framed shower invitations at the door
heavy on the dessert... fresh strawberries, cookies, brownies and more owl cupcakes than we could fit on this table!
close up with a sleepy owl
flocks of vanilla and chocolate owls
these owls were made of vanilla cupcakes with piped frosting and vanilla oreos; i split the oreos in half and gave the plain cookie side sleepy eyelids, the cream side pink m&m pupils, jelly bean beaks and walnut ears!
framed dessert and beverage menu amidst the sweet spread + colorful striped paper straws
vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with piped vanilla frosting
burlap runner + tumbled branch table accents
we staggered colorful, hanging lanterns on a ceiling fan to brighten and transform the living room;  we used pink and white bakers twine like this to tie them up
the same twine used to tie up the lanterns we also used to tie the napkin settings and to secure the butcher paper around the flower arrangements.
baby game time: what's the flavor?
taste + guess to win!
deviled eggs- i love to add a few teaspons of garlic to the yolk mix for an unexpected twist; top it off with a light dusting of paprika and snipped fresh chives
what's a baby shower without baby quiche?... right??..
framed lunch menu                                           lunch ready to serve!
"loaded baked potato salad"
one of my new favorite twists on traditional potato salad and a definite hit at the party was this loaded baked potato salad.  to make: 2.5 lbs boiled potatoes, 6 slices of bacon, 1/2c sour cream, 1/2c mayo, 3/4 cup shredded cheddar, 1c chopped boiled egg, 1/4c chopped green onions... top with extra cheese, bacon and chives and serve!

cabbage, kale and shredded carrot salad (recipe c/o wsj online)
panko and parmesan crusted chicken with apricot-mustard dipping sauce (not pictured), adapted into strips from this martha recipe
an adorable piggy bank in a pile of pink gifts!
it was a great weekend filled with family, friends and a lot of love. it was awesome to see our efforts come together and hopefully everyone enjoyed seeing it captured here too :)

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